Finding Inspiration For Greeting Cards

If you are going to design your own greeting cards, it can be difficult to find inspiration beyond the generic flower border. For starters, you can check out the following sources of inspiration. Ultimately, what really sells are unique designs that make a statement.

Browsing the Web

There are a hundreds of websites online that will give you inspiration on everything and everyone. The best way to come up with something new is to switch it up: look for wedding invitations online and then use some of those templates on greeting cards. Find flowery borders and out them in a card about getting over an ex; find the ones with a Mr. and Mrs. pictured on the front and deliberately change the figures to reflect a more open minded festivity; or use the same format of a typical invite to fool the one receiving a new years’ greeting instead. Be inspired by the web but don’t be limited by it.

Feeling Nature

Flowers are not the only things that nature offers. There are mountains, trees, leaves, streams and brooks and a million others things that can be captured in card designs. Go hiking, trekking or simply walk in the park. Lie under the sun in a meadow. Feel nature. Breathe nature. Capture as many designs as possible in your mind’s eye. How awesome would it be if your father’s or mother’s 40th birthday party invitations were on a background of fluffy white clouds in a blue sky? The entire celebration could be aviation themed – the sky’s the limit when it comes to your parents. Even stones and rocks can be an inspiration. Find one with interesting colours and swirls; take a photo and then use that as a layout.

Popular Culture

How good are you with wordplay and puns? Because, in today’s global pop culture, there are plenty of things you can laugh about. Every day the news cycle brings us some story about pop stars that go wild, or a catchphrase that goes viral or a new trend that spreads like wildfire. If you know someone who is good with words, collaborate and design cards that pun on phenomena like the sudden outburst of political consciousness in some countries, or the resistance to accept climate change. There are plenty of cartoonists out there making big bucks with their comics that satirize the modern world. Why shouldn’t you get in on the fun?
There are plenty of other influences and inspirational sources out there so don’t hesitate to take a risk and try something new.

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